want Definition

  • 1to have a desire to possess or do something
  • 2to lack or be short of something desirable or essential

Using want: Examples

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  • Example

    I want a cup of coffee.

  • Example

    She wants to go on vacation.

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    He wants to be a doctor.

  • Example

    They want more money.

want Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using want

  • to lack or need something


    The family was in want of food and shelter.

  • to deliberately avoid hearing or learning about something


    When he found out about the accident, he didn't want to know the details.

  • want the earth/moon

    to demand too much or ask for something that is impossible to obtain


    He asked for a raise, but he wanted the earth and the moon.

Phrases with want

  • to have everything one needs or desires


    Growing up, she wanted for nothing.

  • to desire to leave or escape from a situation or relationship


    After years of working in the same job, he wanted out.

  • to express a desire to be included in something


    When they heard about the party, they all wanted in.

Origins of want

from Old Norse 'vanta', meaning 'to lack'


Summary: want in Brief

The verb 'want' [wษ’nt] means to have a desire for something or to lack something desirable or essential. It can be used in various contexts, from expressing a simple wish like 'I want a cup of coffee' to indicating a long-term goal like 'He wants to be a doctor.' 'Want' also appears in phrases like 'want for nothing,' meaning to have everything one needs or desires, and idioms like 'not want to know,' meaning to deliberately avoid hearing or learning about something.

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