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I'm not sure when to use "commma(,)" in a sentence. There seems to be a few cases to use it. Could you explain a little bit?

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That's true! There are a few ways you can use a comma. You can use it when a subordinate clause, a clause giving extra information or context, comes before the main clause - a clause that can stand on its own. You can also use it after introductory phrases or transition words before the main clause. You can use a comma and a conjunction word to join two main clauses. You can use commas before and after a name for clarity, to separate extra information in a sentence, or to list items. Ex: Just before I went to the gym, I got a protein drink.=> sub-clause and a main clause Ex: Usually, I go to bed at around 11 pm. => introductory phrase. Ex: I went to the shops, and she met up with a friend. => two main clauses and conjunction Ex: You know what, Jim, you're a good friend. => name Ex: The main job, bagging groceries, wasn't too difficult. => extra information, Ex: I love to eat pasta, stir-fry, and grapes. => list

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