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Question List of W28

What is the difference between "as to ~" and "regarding ~"?

What is the difference in nuance between "on a farm" and "in a farm"?

What is "the Bloopers show"?

Is there any synonym for "get expelled"?

What is the difference between "mustache" and "beard"?

Do "Pull someone's leg" and "pull on someone's leg" have same meaning? I'm asking because the example in previous questions are all without "on".

What does "leak-proof" mean?

What is "community service"?

Does "they" refer to pants? Can't I use "it"?

Do Americans "swipe their tickets" like a card at the ticket gate? Does the subway ticket have magnetic stripe like credit card?

What is "thesis statement"? Is it debate term?

Why is the subject "we"? Isn't it better to use "you"?

When can I say "what is up with that?"?

Why was "name" used here? and if I start the sentence with "what is the one thing", would the meaning be the same?

Does "senior thesis" mean the thesis needs for graduation? Is the word "senior thesis" common?

What does "ex" mean here? What are the other words starting with "ex-"?

I learned to use a sentence like "Is there anything to talk about" in school. But "What's there ~?" sounds more natural? And are these sentences also okay to use? ・What’s there to eat? ・What’s there for me to help?

Does "won big the day" grammatically correct? Shouldn't it be "won the big day"?

What does "huck" mean? Is it used often?

Is "undo the belt" a common expression? Could you suggest any synonym for this expression?

Is "'cause" necessary in this sentence? Can I only use "if" in this sentence? How does the meaning get changed?

What does "gettin' spicy" mean?

Is "this sucks" a slang?

What is the difference between "genius" and "prodigy"?

What's the difference between "change" and "change up"?

What is "textbook marginalization"?

What does "don't let it slip away" mean?

Is "which is why" same as "this is why"?

Does "dead" mean "totally" here? Could you give me some more examples of "dead"?

When can I use "I'd gone"?

Who is JFK?

I am often confused to whether or not to add the definite article "the" in the sentence. Would it be strange to add "the" in front of "time" here?

Is it okay to say "shut up" to girlfriend? Isn't it too bad word?

Is it okay to say without "each" in this sentence? Would the meaning be the same?

What does "crack" mean here?

What does "tank" mean here?

What does "get to" mean?

Why does he say "feel like"? Isn't it right to say "feel to like"?

Is something skipped in this sentence? Probably between "than" and "is"?

What is the difference of "wreck" and "ruin"?

What's the difference between "asleep" and "sleep"?

What does "crystal clear" mean? and how can I use it?

What does "in control of" mean? How can I use this expression?

Does "associate" contain the meaning of "lawyer"?

What does "as such" mean?

How come "being" was used not just "are" or anything else? How can I understand this sentence grammatically?

Why does this sentence use "might", not "may"?

Is there any difference in the sound of "to" and "too"? How can I distinguish these two?

In which situation can I use "Oh man"?

What does "handle" mean here?

What does "when" mean here? It doesn't seem like a conjunction that represents the time.

What is "cop"?

Is this sentence same as "I get up"?

Can I use just "now" instead of "right now" here?

Can I put "enough" at the end of this sentence? Or is it a rule to put "enough" before -ing?

Is "dear" a polite form of "you"?

What does "even though" mean?

What does "ever" mean here?

Isn't it weird to say "I don't" as a respond to "Haven't you ~?" question?

How come does "dream" become plural?

What does "ask for it" mean in this case? If it means "request something", I don't know what does "it" refer to.

Can I use "a mixed bag" towards person?

What's the difference between "no need to worry" and "don’t worry"?

What does "shower you with unconditional love" mean? I don't get this phrase well.

What does "ex" mean here? What are the other words starting with "ex-"?

When do you use "how you like that"? and how can I use it?

What does "flock to" mean?

What is the meaning of "edgy"?

What does "face to face" mean? Does it mean "face someone"?

What does it mean by "youngsters are killing everything" here?

Can I change "she’s fairly happy" to "she’s pretty happy"?

What does "had to" refer to here? What's the different between "had to take such drastic" and "took such drastic"?

What does "have someone's back" mean? Is it a general expression?

Can I replace "for" with "of" here?

What does "get pushed around" mean?

Can the expression "be better off" be combined with "will", like "you will be better off"?

What does "evolved into" mean? When do you use it?

Does "get paid" imply the meaning of salary?

What does “trailing one to nothing” mean?

What does "one last score" mean? Is it an expression?

What is "set something up" in "set sail up"? Can I understand it as an expression?

Is "set sail" same with "cruise"?

What does "lie down" mean? The teacher doesn't seem to lie down somewhere.

What does "feel blue" mean? and what are the other expressions that have a same meaning with "feel blue"?

Could you explain a bit more of this sentence? What is Stedman and Oprah?

I want to know the difference of this sentence from just saying "That's a fire alarm sometimes". Why did he use "what a fire alarm"?

What does "Daysailer" mean?

Is "from then on" and "from now on" the same? Is it okay to understand "from then on" as an expression changed from "from now on"?

Is "Fine by me" used frequently?

Can I use "since scene fourteen" or "from scene fourteen" instead?

Why does the second group have an "a" instead of "the"?

What's "Met Ball"?

What does "see" mean and how can I use this expression?

What is the meaning of "liaisons"?

I don't quite understand the grammatical structure of "the way it be."

What's “kinda”?

What does "no one" mean? (Is something skipped before it?)

Does he use "less" as a verb here? Where's the verb in this sentence?

Can I say just "if" instead of "what if"?

What is the difference between saying "It's not good" and "It's no good"?

What is "Wowzers"?

What does "be for Hanukkah" mean? Does it mean to celebrate?

Is this fragment same as "The amazing tinned anchovy is rich in omega threes, and a natural flavor enhancer"?

What does "watch one's back" mean?

Is it general to put a person next to "cost"?

What kind of expression is "get with someone"?

What's "tulle"?

I don't understand this whole lyrics at all. What does it mean?

What does "the point of" mean here?

What does "ain't" mean here? Also, is it a double negative by using "ain't" and "no" together?

How can I use "as though"?

I guess something evil is going to be done in the future, but why is present perfect ("you've done") used here instead of future perfect ("you will have done")?

What does "that" refer to?

What are the synonyms of "resale" here?

It seems like it should be "for soft boiled eggs" with plural eggs. But did he forget to speak "s" at the end?

What does "all the way" mean here?

Is it okay to use "at every corner" instead of "on every corner"?

Can I replace "everyone" with "everybody"?

What is the difference between "don't cross him" and "you don't want to cross him"?

What does "have something to do with" mean?

Can I replace "rather" to "very"? What is the difference in nuance between two?

Could you tell me the literal meaning of "steady hand"?

What does "frame" mean here?

Is "where'd" the contraction of "where had"?

What does "deposition phase" mean?

What's the difference between "consider" and" think about"?

Who do you call a "cheater"?

"You and no one else" means "no one but you"?

Why does he answer by human's name "Jesus H Christ"?

What does "club" refer to here?

Is "it" at the end of the sentence necessary? I thought "what" is already working as the object of "dunk in".

What does "you are up" mean here? Can I use it only in quiz situation?

What does "This means something to me" mean here?

What does "cheat system" mean? and could you give me some synonyms?

Does "awesome" have same nuance as "good"?

Is "that" here indicating boiling pot?

What does "hub" mean here? and are transit hubs distributed in large cities? can you give me some examples?

What does "off" do in "clean off"? Is it okay to use just "clean" here? and how's it different from "clean up"?

Does the phrase starting with "say" have the meaning of the subjunctive mood?

Can I always use “granny” instead of “grandmother”?

Is "the" necessary in front of "Chinese take out industry"?

What is the synonym for "screwy"?

What does "be aware of" mean?

Can I say "but" instead of "only" here? what does "only" mean?

What does "little life" mean?

Is it okay to not put "at" next to "look"? I thought "look at what ~" is right.

What does "per" mean?

What does "carry one through something" mean?

What does "for now" mean here?

Does "a big tulle creation" means "something made of a big tulle"? I don't quite understand the expression "something creation."

I'm curious about the meaning of "help out". Is it different from just "help"?

What does "drive" mean here?

What does "be willing to" mean?

What does "fitting" mean? and when do you do "fittings"?

Is "for" conjunction here? Is conjunction "for" used often like this?

Could you introduce some other expressions I can use instead of "it's gonna work"?

Why is it necessary to put "a" in front of "5%"?

Is it okay to put "leave" instead of "left"?

Is it okay to understand that "be" was omitted after "the best me I can"?

I thought "much" means a lot of amount. But why "much" is used here? Is "this much" an expression?

I wonder why "out here" was used. In what situation can I use this kind of expression (out here, out there, up here, etc.)?

What does "I am" mean at the end of the sentence?

Why is "doing" necessary in this sentence? Can't I just say "drawing"?

What does "feed" mean here?

What does "win big the day" mean?

What does "pass on" mean here?

Do you use the word "thrice" frequently?

What's the intention of using "supposed to" here? also what's the different from "how can I stalk him"?

What does "that’s original" mean?

So, is there no job called "transponster"?

Can I use "how" instead of "what" here?

What does "it" refer to here?

Why is it "people"? Is there any difference with using "person"?

What does "ding-dang" mean?

Can I use "that" instead of "as though" here? Would the meaning be changed?

What does "that" before "you" mean?

I can't hear the "to" sound, but is he speaking "to"? Or is it commonly skipped in a spoken English?

Could you explain the difference between "for day one" and "from day one"?

Can I say “you’ve ever read yourself on the internet”?

When can I use the word "barf"?

What does "work on" mean?

What does "fancy" mean here? Is it something like luxurious?

What does "stuff" mean from "ideas of stuff" here? Is it okay to just say "idea" here?

Does it mean classroom located in the other side? Or the seat located in the opposite side inside one classroom?

Are any words like "for" or "to" omitted after "responsible"? For me, "be responsible for/to" makes sense.

Why did they call Buzz an "Astro boy"? and why is the Astro boy" start with capital A?

What does "dear" mean here?

What does "the hell" mean here?

I think this sentence should be "No matter how small your purchase is" (with "is" at the end), but is it skipped?

What is the meaning of "universe"?

Could you give some other examples that I can use "depends upon"?

What's the difference between "figure out" and "know"?

What is the mind of true scholar?

What's the different between "got to guess" and "guess" here? It seems pretty much the same for me.

How come "blasted" was placed between "you" and "kids"? also, what does it mean?

What does "pathological" mean? Is it a common word?

What does "fight for" mean?

Isn't it okay to say "won't you" instead?

What is R&D?

In what situation can I shorten another to ’nother? Are there any rules or can I shorten it anytime in casual conversation as long as it's understood?

Is "glad you ~" a spoken English? Is "I'm" skipped before it?

Is "made up someone's mind" an idiom? What are the similar expression of this?

What does "stack up" mean?

Could you tell me the difference between "pay" and "make payments"?

What is the meaning of "dangle"?

Why "be going to" is used here? Can I use "would" instead?

I'm having trouble with understanding "would that be." How can I understand this expression?

What does "heart will live for younger days" mean?

What's the difference between "transit" and "transportation"?

What does "I bet ~" mean?

What does "good smooch" mean here?

What does "little" mean here?

Are "give it a shot" and "try it again" same? Is "give it a shot" used a lot in conversation?

What does "like" mean here?

Could you explain me what does "goes with everything" mean? and what expression is it?

What does "he's a character" mean?

What does "want no part of this" mean?

What does "hopped up on something" mean?

Could you introduce some other expression to say "pull all-nighters"?

It seems to be okay without "ever", but is "never ever" have more stronger meaning than just "never"?

What does "in which" mean here? Are there any relative pronouns can be replaced here?

Who is "vigilante"? Is it something like "villain"?

Isn't "positive" an adjective? Why is there indefinite article "a" in front of it?

What does "brave" mean in this sentence?

Why does "grandmother's quilt" appear suddenly? What is the purpose of this sentence?

What does "came across" mean?

What is "shindig"?

Isn't it right to say "he is mighty"? Why is the order like that?

Does this sentence mean "This is a dish that has existed for long time, but it is unexpectedly delicious"?

What does "to decide" mean here?


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    Me gustaría que tuviera un glosario para guardar palabras u oraciones difíciles que hayamo ・・・


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    Super amazing app.


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