What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “expugnable”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “expugnable”

The antonyms of expugnable are impregnable, invincible, and unconquerable. These words describe something that cannot be defeated, overcome, or penetrated.

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Definitions and Examples of impregnable, invincible, unconquerable

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Impossible to capture or enter by force; unconquerable.


The fortress was so well fortified that it was considered impregnable.

Incapable of being defeated or overcome; unconquerable.


The army was led by an invincible general who had never lost a battle.

Unable to be defeated or overcome; invincible.


The mountain range was considered unconquerable due to its rugged terrain and harsh weather conditions.

Key Differences: impregnable vs invincible vs unconquerable

  • 1Impregnable refers to something that cannot be captured or entered by force.
  • 2Invincible describes something that cannot be defeated or overcome.
  • 3Unconquerable is similar to invincible and means unable to be defeated or overcome.

Effective Usage of impregnable, invincible, unconquerable

  • 1Military Strategy: Use these antonyms to describe fortifications, armies, or defenses.
  • 2Sports: Incorporate these words to describe unbeatable teams or athletes.
  • 3Business: Utilize these antonyms to describe strong market positions or unassailable brands.

Remember this!

The antonyms of expugnable describe things that cannot be defeated, overcome, or penetrated. Use impregnable to describe something that cannot be captured or entered by force, invincible to describe something that cannot be defeated or overcome, and unconquerable to describe something that is invincible. These words can be used in military strategy, sports, and business contexts.

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