Phrasal verbs "board out" vs "fink out"

Differences between board out and fink out

Board out means to cover or seal a window, door, or other opening with boards, while fink out means to fail to do something that was promised or expected.

Meanings and Definitions: board out vs fink out

Learn how to use these expressions through these examples

Board out

  • 1Arrange for pets to stay somewhere while you're away.

    We BOARD our dog OUT with friends when we go abroad.

Fink out

  • 1Fail to keep a promise, arrangement, etc.

    He said he'd come with us then FINKED OUT at the last minute.

Usage Examples: board out, fink out in Sentences

Learn how to use these expressions through these examples

board out


We board out our dog with friends when we go on vacation.


She boards out her cat when she travels for work.

fink out


She promised to help me, but she finked out when I needed her.


He always finks out when it's time to do the hard work.

Similar Expressions(Synonyms) of Board out

To close or block an entrance or exit with a barrier or material.


The workers had to seal off the area to prevent dust from spreading during the renovation.

shut up

To close or cover a building or room securely.


Before leaving for vacation, they made sure to shut up the house and lock all the doors.

To block or obstruct a path or entrance with a barrier or object.


The protesters decided to barricade the street to demand action on climate change.

Similar Expressions(Synonyms) of Fink out

To withdraw from a commitment or promise.


He backed out of the deal at the last minute, leaving us in a difficult situation.

To fail to show up or follow through on a plan or obligation.


She flaked out on the party, leaving us with too much food and no entertainment.

To disappoint or fail to meet someone's expectations or needs.


The team let down their coach by losing the game despite their training and preparation.

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Differences in board out vs fink out: Usage, Formality, and Tone

Frequency in Daily Use: board out or fink out?

Both board out and fink out are not very common phrasal verbs. Board out is used in specific situations such as when preparing for a storm or securing a vacant property. Fink out is more informal and is not used as frequently as other phrasal verbs.

Informal vs Formal: Contextual Use of board out and fink out

Board out and fink out are both informal phrases. However, board out can be used in formal settings such as construction or property management. Fink out is not appropriate for formal contexts.

Tone and Implication: The Nuances of board out and fink out

The tone of board out is practical and straightforward, as it is usually used in emergency situations or for security purposes. On the other hand, fink out has a negative connotation and implies disappointment or frustration.

board out & fink out: Synonyms and Antonyms

Fink out



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