channel Definition

  • 1a length of water wider than a strait, joining two larger areas of water, especially two seas.
  • 2a means of communication or expression, such as a book or broadcasting, that is widely used and accepted by people in a society.
  • 3a route for conveying electrical signals, especially one connecting two points or devices in an electronic system.

Using channel: Examples

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    The English Channel separates England from France.

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    The channel between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

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    The company uses social media channels to promote their products.

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    The TV channel will broadcast the game live.

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    The data is transmitted through a secure channel.

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    The audio signal is sent through a different channel than the video signal.

channel Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using channel

  • change channels

    to shift one's attention or focus to something else


    Whenever the conversation turns to politics, he quickly changes channels.

  • open channels of communication

    to establish or improve communication between people or groups


    The manager worked hard to open channels of communication between the different departments.

  • to express one's true thoughts, feelings, or personality


    Through painting, she was able to channel her inner self and create beautiful works of art.

Phrases with channel

  • the practice of quickly changing channels on a television to find something interesting to watch


    I spent the whole evening channel surfing and couldn't find anything good to watch.

  • in the correct course or direction


    The ship is in the channel and heading towards the harbor.

  • to focus one's energy and efforts on a particular task or goal


    He decided to channel his energy into writing a novel.

Origins of channel

from Old French 'chanel', from Latin 'canalis', meaning 'pipe'


Summary: channel in Brief

The term 'channel' [ˈtʃænəl] refers to a wide body of water that connects two larger areas, or a means of communication or expression that is widely used and accepted. It also denotes a route for conveying electrical signals. Examples include 'The English Channel separates England from France,' and 'The company uses social media channels to promote their products.' Phrases like 'channel surfing' and idioms like 'open channels of communication' further illustrate the term's versatility.

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