maniac Definition

  • 1a person who is extremely enthusiastic about something
  • 2a person who has a mental illness, especially one that makes them violent or dangerous

Using maniac: Examples

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    He's a maniac when it comes to sports.

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    The maniac attacked the woman with a knife.

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    She was afraid of being alone with the maniac.

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    The maniacal laughter echoed through the empty halls.

maniac Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for maniac

Idioms Using maniac

  • a person who is extremely enthusiastic or passionate about something


    She's a maniac for fashion and spends all her money on clothes.

  • to become very excited or enthusiastic about something


    The crowd went maniac when their team scored the winning goal.

  • a person who shows signs of becoming a maniac or a dangerous person in the future


    The boy's fascination with knives and violence made his parents worry that he might be a maniac in the making.

Phrases with maniac

  • a person who loves to dance and spends a lot of time doing it


    She's a real dance maniac and goes out every night to dance.

  • an extreme and uncontrollable preoccupation with something


    His maniacal obsession with cleanliness made him scrub the floors every day.

  • a loud and uncontrollable laugh that is often associated with madness or insanity


    The maniacal laughter coming from the abandoned house gave her chills.

Origins of maniac

from Late Latin 'mania', meaning 'madness'


Summary: maniac in Brief

The term 'maniac' [ˈmeɪniæk] refers to a person who is extremely enthusiastic about something or a person who has a mental illness that makes them violent or dangerous. It can describe someone's love for dancing, as in 'dance maniac,' or an extreme preoccupation, as in 'maniacal obsession.' The term also extends into idioms like 'a maniac for something,' denoting extreme passion, and 'go maniac,' describing excitement.