petite Definition

  • 1(especially of a woman) attractively small and dainty
  • 2having a small and slender build

Using petite: Examples

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    She's a petite woman with delicate features.

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    The dress is only available in petite sizes.

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    The model has a petite figure that suits the clothing line.

petite Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for petite

Phrases with petite

  • the lower middle class, typically comprising shopkeepers, clerks, and artisans


    The petite bourgeoisie was hit hard by the economic crisis.

  • a French term for orgasm, literally meaning 'little death'


    The ballet dancer performed the famous 'petite mort' scene with grace and elegance.

  • petite sirah

    a type of red wine grape variety grown in California


    The winery specializes in producing high-quality petite sirah.

Origins of petite

from French 'petit', meaning 'small'


Summary: petite in Brief

The word 'petite' [pəˈtiːt] describes someone or something that is small and slender, especially a woman. It is often used to describe clothing sizes and body types, as in 'The dress is only available in petite sizes.' 'Petite' can also refer to the lower middle class or a type of red wine grape variety.

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