large Definition

  • 1of considerable or relatively great size, extent, or capacity
  • 2having a wide range or scope

Using large: Examples

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  • Example

    The large pizza is enough for four people.

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    She has a large collection of books.

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    The company has a large market share.

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    He made a large donation to the charity.

large Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using large

  • a difficult or challenging task


    Completing the project on time will be a large order.

  • at the upper limit of a particular range


    The car is at the large end of the mid-size category.

  • cut someone down to size (or down to the right size)

    reduce someone's arrogance or self-importance


    The boss cut the employee down to size after he became too arrogant.

Phrases with large

  • as a whole; in general


    The problem affects society at large.

  • by and large

    generally speaking; mostly


    By and large, the project was a success.

  • mostly; mainly


    The success of the company is due in large part to its innovative products.

Origins of large

from Old French 'large', meaning 'broad'


Summary: large in Brief

The term 'large' [lɑrdʒ] describes something of significant size or capacity, often with a wide range or scope. It can refer to physical dimensions, as in 'The large pizza is enough for four people,' or to abstract concepts, as in 'The company has a large market share.' 'Large' also appears in idioms like 'a large order,' which denotes a difficult task, and 'cut someone down to size,' which means to reduce someone's arrogance.

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