poise Definition

  • 1graceful and elegant bearing in a person
  • 2mental and emotional stability and composure
  • 3a state of balance or equilibrium

Using poise: Examples

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  • Example

    She moved with poise and grace across the stage.

  • Example

    He maintained his poise under pressure.

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    The ballerina's poise was breathtaking.

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    The sculpture had a perfect poise.

poise Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for poise

Phrases with poise

  • to cause someone to lose their composure or balance


    The unexpected question threw him off his poise during the interview.

  • ready and prepared for something to happen


    The company is poised for a major expansion into international markets.

  • refined and sophisticated behavior or mannerisms


    Her poise and polish made her stand out at the formal event.

Origins of poise

from Old French 'poiser', meaning 'to weigh'


Summary: poise in Brief

The term 'poise' [poiz] refers to graceful and elegant bearing, mental and emotional stability, and a state of balance. It can describe physical movements, such as 'She moved with poise and grace across the stage,' or mental states, such as 'He maintained his poise under pressure.' The phrase 'throw someone off their poise' means to cause someone to lose their composure or balance.

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