methods Definition

  • 1a particular way of doing something, especially a systematic way
  • 2a procedure or process for attaining an object

Using methods: Examples

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    The teacher used different methods to teach the students.

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    There are various methods of cooking rice.

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    The company has developed a new method for recycling plastic.

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    The scientific method is used to test hypotheses.

methods Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for methods

Idioms Using methods

  • by no means/methods

    not at all


    The project was by no means easy, but we managed to complete it on time using different methods.

  • go about one's business/methods

    to proceed with one's daily activities or tasks


    After finishing breakfast, she went about her business, preparing for the day ahead using her own methods.

  • in the peculiar or unconventional way that one does things


    He may seem disorganized, but there is a method to his madness.

Phrases with methods

  • a problem-solving strategy that involves attempting different solutions and eliminating those that do not work until a successful one is found


    The engineer used the trial and error method to fix the machine.

  • a systematic approach to acquiring knowledge that involves formulating hypotheses, collecting data through observation and experimentation, and testing hypotheses through analysis


    The scientific method is used in many fields of study, including biology and physics.

  • a particular approach or strategy used by a teacher to impart knowledge and skills to students


    The teacher's interactive teaching method helped the students to understand the concept better.

Origins of methods

from Middle English 'methode', from Latin 'methodus', from Ancient Greek 'methodos', meaning 'pursuit of knowledge'


Summary: methods in Brief

The term 'methods' [ˈmɛθədz] refers to a particular way of doing something, often in a systematic manner. It can be a procedure or process for achieving an objective, such as 'The company has developed a new method for recycling plastic.' 'Methods' extend into phrases like 'trial and error method,' and idioms like 'by no means/methods,' denoting negation, and 'in the method of one's madness,' implying a peculiar or unconventional way of doing things.