tasteful Definition

having or showing good taste; aesthetically pleasing.

Using tasteful: Examples

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    The interior design of the house was tasteful and sophisticated.

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    She wore a tasteful dress to the wedding.

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    The artwork in the gallery was tasteful and well-curated.

tasteful Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with tasteful

  • appropriate or suitable for a particular occasion or context, without being offensive or vulgar


    His jokes were always in good taste and never crossed the line into offensiveness.

  • nudity depicted in an artistic or aesthetic manner, without being gratuitous or vulgar


    The film contained scenes of tasteful nudity that added to the artistic value of the work.

  • decor that is aesthetically pleasing and harmonious, without being excessive or gaudy


    The restaurant had tasteful decor that created a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Summary: tasteful in Brief

'Tasteful' [ˈteɪstfəl] describes something that is aesthetically pleasing and demonstrates good taste. It can refer to anything from clothing to interior design, as in 'She wore a tasteful dress to the wedding.' The phrase 'in good taste' is often used to describe appropriate behavior or decorum, while 'tasteful nudity' refers to nudity depicted in an artistic or aesthetic manner. 'Tasteful' is the opposite of 'tacky' or 'vulgar.'