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Question List of W9

Does the phrase "tree on a windy day" is an idiom? If so, what does it mean?

How can I use "sore", "pain", "-attack" and "-ache" in different situations? What are the differences between those words?

What does "wet start" mean? Does it refers to "lousy start to begin a day"? Is it a common phrase?

Does the phrase "go less far" refer to something that lacks potential?

Why would she say consider here? Don't people usually use the word "consider" when there's something uncertain?

What does the phrase "fashion doctor" mean here? A sarcastic term that refers to a fashion nerd? Or a compliment for those who know fashion?

What would be the difference between "compel" and "force"?

What's "Howie"?

What does “you got it” really mean here?

How come 'mutually exclusive' became referring to 'logically nonsense'?

What does “from scratch” mean?

What's the difference between "sadly" and "unfortunately"? Are they always interchangeable?

Why would the character mention "dry clean" here?

What does "water" mean here?

I've heard the word "singer" a lot but, does "song man" a common phrase?

In what situation do we use “off that”? and what for?

Why is there "a" in front of the plural noun "great savings"?

What does “revolve around” mean?

Is “flatfoot” here mean a police officer? If so, why does it mean that? Or does it mean something else?

What does the expression "up for grabs" mean?

What would be the best word that can contradict "equality"?

Is "my roll dogs for life" common expression?

What does “narrow something down” mean?

What is the usage of "over" here? Could you give me some example sentences using "over" as this?

Are "you guys" and "you" the same?

What's the difference between "being bold" and "being courageous"?

What does "feed" mean in this situation?

Does “see” also mean “know”?

What’s the difference between “satirical” and “sarcastic”?

What does 'ain't' refer to here?

What's the difference between "star" and "celebrity"?

How can I use “be good to go”?

Why is 'I'm on' used? Scent on? notice on? or is there an abbreviation for other verbs?

What does “anyway” mean here?

Are there other ways to say “for the record”?

What does “play games with someone”?

What does “broke” mean here?

Can I put "catch up" as it is after the 'be verb (is)'? Or did he skip 'to' or something?

Why is the preposition "from" necessary here?

What does “make up” mean in this sentence?

Does “get rid of” mean “throw away”? Are there other synonyms for that?

What does “running” mean?

Why was she doing “air-quotes” while saying ‘increase diversity’?

Is "left" a past tense of "leave"? Why "he's left"? Is this a short of "he has left" or "he is left"?

What`s the difference between "benefit" and "profit"?

What does she mean by "see things wrap up"? How is it related to drier weather?

What does "floop" mean?

Does "last couple years" mean "a few years in the past"?

What does "headlining Vegas" mean? Does Vegas refer to Las Vegas?

Tôi thường nghe thấy "grandma", liệu mọi người có hay dùng "granddad" không?

Isn't it grammatically wrong to use two infinitive verbs in a row as "is reach" here?

What does “beef” mean here?

Can you explain more about the expression “flirt-with-me”?

What’s “carbs”?

What does "stereotype" mean? Doesn't "stereo" refer to an audio system?

What does “I have no idea” mean?

What does “game on” mean?

Does "palace like houses" mean the same as "houses like palace"?

Is “surface” a verb here?

What does “we on the level” mean in this situation? Is this expression used generally?

Does "are" appear because it is linked to the first sentence? What would be the complete sentence of it?

What would be the difference between "speech" and "speaking"?

Do people change their name often in the United States? If so, why would people change their names?

Why would they call it "impenetrable"? Is it because the forest is as dense and complicated like a maze?

Does the word "nowhere" refers to places like "desert" or "wasteland"?

Why does this sentence need "yourself"?

What's the difference between "entire" and "whole"? Are they always interchangeable?

Is the expression "No ~, no ~" an idiom?

Isn't it more correct to say "houses like palace", not "palace like houses"? Why is this word order "palace like houses" used here?

What does “out of” mean here?

Since the word "prejudice" refers to an old and unpleasant idea, can I say "dogma" instead?

Does the word "altitude" refer to the character's height? Is it a common expression?

Which countries are using Fahrenheit instead of Celsius?

What's the difference between "ridiculous" and "absurd"? Are they interchangeable?

Can I ignore “like” here when I translate this sentence? Why does he speak “like” so many times throughout the video?

What does "get" mean in this situation?

What does "on the lam" mean?

What would be the synonym of “rule” here?

Does the word "live" refers to a video that's not pre-recorded?

Can I just use "block", not "block out"?

What does “hang in there” mean?

What does 's stand for?

What does “push” here mean?

What does “set aside” mean? and how can I use that expression?

Can “a dead end relationship” be used for other relationships, not just for a romantic one?

What does "like" mean?

When can I use "creep out"?

Is it common to use the verb “plant” to “fire”?

Is “hoarding” same with “saving”? Is this word used a lot?

What's the difference between "idea", "ideal" and "ideology"? Would "ideology" refer to something more political?

What does “be down to do something” mean?

What is the meaning of "toast"?

Are there any other ways to say “don’t wait up”?

What are the other expressions of “pitch”?

What does “do a number on someone” mean?

Is "by" here really necessary in this sentence?

In what circumstance can I use "pay to see [something]"? Can you show me some exemplary sentences as well?

What is the name of the tool used to curl hair?

What is the difference between "Nope" and "No"?a

Why would the speaker say "little" here? Doesn't the word "boy" already indicate an under-aged man?

What does “being smug” mean?

Which expression can be replaced with “giggling”?

Is the expression "There is this—" generally used? Or it is not a fixed expression?

Can I say "shrouding your judgement" instead of "clouding your judgement"?

What does “come in handy” mean?

What is the difference between “point at” and “point to”?

What does "close proximity" mean?

Is it common to pronounce "the" as "D(ði)" not "the(ðə)" even though "the" is not used before vowel sound?

Is it appropriate to use more than one "just" in a single sentence?

Shouldn't it be "shifted" instead of "shift"? Because I thought he is talking about their past that they shifted the hunting ground.

What's "TSA number"?

Can I use the word empire, even though it doesn't refer to a nation?

What does the second sentence mean? What is "doing air quotes"?

What does “gal pal” refer to? What are the other expressions that I can use instead of “pal”?

Are just “human” and “human being” different?

¿Qué significa "settle for"?

What does "I was like" mean in this sentence? And, when do you use it?

In what situation do you use the word "roughly"?

What’s “entrée”?

If I say someone “shady” in face, would it be rude?

What does “give someone credit” mean?

When can I use the expression “jump to conclusions”?

Does the word "species" is a singular noun? Or plural?

When do you use "run out"?

¿Qué significa la palabra "brother"?

What does "intertwined" mean? Could you give some examples?

What's the difference between "rainforest" and "jungle"?

What does she mean by saying “h-arms”?

¿Qué significa "hold back"?

Could you tell me the difference between "gratification", "satisfaction" and "pleasure"?

What is the difference between "notable" and "famous"? If I use "famous", does it sound weird?

What does the word "zoonoses" mean? Is it related to a "zoo"?

Why is present perfect tense used in this fragment (you've changed)? Can't I use just "you changed" instead? And when can I use the present perfect?

Is it okay to omit the word "of"?

What does “pull way ahead of something” mean?

What is the meaning of 'em?

What does “plain sight” mean?

When can I use “don’t get me wrong”?

What does "ain't" mean?

¿Qué significa "black talk"?

¿Qué significa "sneak in incognito"?

¿Qué significa "dab"?

¿Qué significa "doing"? ¿Qué diferencia hay de "how are you back there"?

What does "being under pressure" mean?

En esta situación, ¿puedo utilizar "what about that"?

¿A qué hace referencia "that a boy"? ¿Cómo puedo utilizarlo?

Can I say "liberated" instead of "free"?

What does the phrase "feeling inside" refer to?

¿Qué significa "take over"?

¿Quiénes son "villains"?

Why is the present tense "You ever think..." used here? Isn't it grammatically correct to use the perfect tense "Have you ever thought..."?

¿Qué significa "old maid"?

Would the nuance of context changed if I say "You never were ordinary" instead?

¿Qué significa "full out something"?

¿"duplicating" hace referencia a "repetir" en este caso?

¿Qué es "coveted"?

¿Qué significa "start dating"?

Although Bwindi refers to the specific location, why would the narrator calls it "this"? Doesn't this imply objects?

¿Podéis explicarme un poco más sobre la frase "what are you up to"?

Would the nuance of the sentence changed, if I say "It's all about freedom" instead?

¿Es "back up" un Phrasal Verb" y el segundo "backup" un sustantivo?

Are there any differences in nuance between "Mom read" and "read Mom"? In what situation do you reverse the word order?

What does the phrase "take up" mean in this context?

What does "intent on" mean?

Would the meaning of a context changed if I say "I've been practicing all day" instead?

¿Es "easy for you to say" una frase hecha?

¿Qué significa "all of a sudden"?

¿Es muy diferente "I don't think she likes that" de "I don't think she would like that"?

What's the difference between "tune" and "melody"?

I thought that the demonstrative pronoun like "this" was referring to objects. But can I use it whenever I'm pointing out locations as well?

¿Qué significa "bet"?

¿Qué significa "bomb" aquí? ¿Puedo utilizar "bomb" en cualquier momento que sea importante para mí, como un examen, una presentación, una entrevista, etc.?

Is the preposition "with" necessary in this sentence?

Could you please show me some exemplary sentences that use the phrase "stood out"?

¿Cuándo puedo utilizar la expresión "my world"?

¿En qué se diferencian "laughing" de "giggling"?

¿Qué significa "go on" en general?

Does the word "last" imply that only a few rainforests are currently remaining?

¿"Partake" significa "hate"? Y ¿se utiliza a menudo esta expresión?

¿Qué es "gimme"?

¿"Parking ticket" es una multa? ¿En qué se diferencia?

Does the word "order" refers to "reign" or "system", instead of "sequence"?

¿Qué significa "be in love with someone"?

What does "on the spectrum" mean?

¿Hay otra manera de decir "give me a hand"?

¿Qué significa "health intake" aquí?

What's "AAA"?

¿Podéis explicarme un poco más sobre la palabra "satirical"?

What's the difference between "threatened" and "endangered"? Are they always interchangeable as long as it refers to animals' survival?

¿Cómo puede ser que "cast off" signifique deshacer un nudo?

¿Cuál es la diferencia entre "attorney" y "lawyer"?

Is it wrong if I say "live in a farm" instead of "live on a farm"?

What does the word "paraphernalia" mean? Can you show me some exemplary sentences?

What does "must never have ever been or even" mean?

¿Qué significa "full wait"?

¿Qué significa "nods"?

What's the difference between "drug" and "medicine"?

¿Qué significa "neutralize"?

¿Qué significa "be about to"?

¿Qué significa "get someone in trouble"?

Does the word "heels" specifically refer to "high heel" only? I believe all the shoes have heels of their own!

¿Cuándo puedo utilizar "ouch"?

¿Por qué ha dicho "hanking out" en este momento?

¿Qué significa aquí "pretty"?

¿Qué significa "ditch someone" y qué se puede substituir por "ditch someone"?

Why is the word "open" being used here?

Can I say "twisted sense" instead of "distorted sense"? If so, could you please tell me some exemplary sentences of these two words?

¿Cuál es la diferencia entre "send in" i "send to"?

Please let me know the meaning of "hit me".

¿Qué significa "get something out"?

¿Qué es "you chickens", aquí?

What's the difference between "being normal" and "being ordinary"?

What does "constitute" mean? Is it relevant to the constitution?

¿Qué significa "blow up"?

I understand that the word "fashion show" is the most common phrase to express "demonstrating fashion"; however, are there any alternative words to replace it?

I understand that "snow" is a countable noun, but why is the plural form "snows" being used here? I think this should be the singular form "snow" because the word "first" is used.

What does "stretch of something" mean?

¿Qué significa "Tote life"?

Doesn't the word "eclipse" refer to a natural phenomenon? Or does it have another metaphorical definition, perhaps?

¿Qué es "possum"?

¿Qué es "pat-down"?

Can I say "destined to be" instead of "born to be"? Are they always interchangeable?

¿Qué significa "can't get over something"?

¿Qué es "diss track"?

¿Qué significia "wait a second"?

Can I say "don't get yourself killed" instead of "don't kill yourself"?

Is it okay to place infinitive verb right after the verb "help"?

¿Por qué se utiliza "long" en esta frase?

What does "HeForShe" mean? Is it a slogan?

¿Qué significa "dinglehopper"?

Can you tell me the difference between "certainly", "definitely" and "absolutely"? Are they always interchangeable? Or do they have a difference in nuance?

Does the prefix "re-" mean? Does it refer to rebuilding a forest?

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¿Cómo quieres hablar inglés si no lo entiendes?

¡Ya es hora de mejorar tus habilidades de escucha!


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    品質の良いアプリですね 聞き取りを楽しくできそうです 発音の方は特にAIチェックなどはないようです 子供に使わせたいから、レーティングコントロールと ひらがなでの訳表示があると良 ・・・


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    살까말까 고민하다가 할인한다길래 1년으로 샀습니다. 일단 너무 좋은데.. 저만 그 발음 말하면 다음으로 안 넘어가네요.. 계속 로딩만 뜨고 안넘어 가요ㅜㅜ 아 근 ・・・


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    Excelente aplicación para aprender Ingles.


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    jj j


    컨텐츠는 너무좋은데요 유튜브 화면이 티비지지직거리는것처럼 안보이는 영상이 많아요 유료결제하려고하는데 저게 장벽이네요 왜그러는걸까요


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    오우 계속 자동구간 반복 진짜 최고


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    Sam Bird


    15년 경력의 전직 영어 강사로서 말씀드리건대 가히 최고의 리스닝 앱입니다


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    手軽にディクテーションができるので非常に良いです。 料金も1年間で2600円とかだったので、かなりコスパがいいと思います。 まだ使い始めて3日とかですが、今のところとても楽しく勉強 ・・・


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    조금 빠르긴 하지만 그래서 더 여러 번 들으면서 문장을 만들어가서 좋습니다. 조금 느리게 듣는 기능이 추가되면 저같은 초보에게 많은 도움이 될 것 같습니다.


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    Gustavo Adolfo Flórez Motta


    Muy buena.


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    그런데 혹시 1년치 구독이 된건가요? 결제된것이 이 어플로 추정되서 바로 구독취소 하긴 했는데 환불이 가능할까요? 구독 되고는 한번도 이용 안했습니더ㅠㅠ 확인 부 ・・・


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    Sebastian Rodriguez Torres


    lo mejor de lo mejor


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    短い時間でたくさん聞きたいので、倍速再生機能をつけて欲しいです。 もしすでに実装されていたら、使い方を教えてください


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    Kike Hernández


    Existe otro método de pago? Porque no tengo cuenta bancaria 🚫


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    初心者にもシャドーイングができる良いアプリ。Netflixなどを使ってシャドーイングにチャレンジしてきたが挫折。このアプリでは続けられている。 1点要望としては、画面の色が白色のた ・・・


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    Janeth Rosas


    excelente aplicación, me encantó porque puedes aprender frases cortas. Practicas escuchar ・・・


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    ngoc hoan nguyen


    Rất thú vị và rất hay, cải thiện về nghe đáng kể 🤓


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    너무 좋아요! 혹시 저장된 표현 한글만 보고 떠올리는 기능도 있을까요? 그러면 확실하게 표현이 기억에 남을 것같아서요:)


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    deyber Aguilar


    muy buena app


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    영어 회화 공부를 위해 레드키위 앱을 선택했는데 아주 재밌고 효과적으로 공부하고 있습니다. 좋은 앱을 만들어 주셔서 감사합니다.


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    Great Hawk


    リスニングを強化するのにとても良いアプリです! 映画、ニュースなどのカテゴリーごとに分かれていて発音もイギリス英語、アメリカ英語など選べます。 僕はイギリス英語が好きなのでまとめて ・・・


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    Adalberto Quinteros


    Excelente aplicacion


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    BTSがあるのは、ファンとしてはとても嬉しかったです。他にもディズニーなどがあって、楽しみながらリスニングが出来ます。 ただ、(まだ使い始めて2日目ではありますが)昨日今日と動画を ・・・


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    highteen girl


    Có free không ạ?


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    勉強する!という感じの文法とかで出てくるわけではなく、映画のワンシーンとかなので、ちゃんとやったら自然な日常会話が身につくのでは?と始めました。単語を選んでいくのですが、下線の長さ ・・・


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    bastante buena, tiene tres velocidades para escuchar, te va marcando cuando te equivocas m ・・・


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    Kazumichi SATO


    アプリは不具合も少なく快適。TOEIC受験者としてはスピーチ速度の合ったTEDのコンテンツもあるにはあるが少ないので、そこは、別アプリでカバーしています。あと、韓国製なのでBTSと ・・・


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